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February 3, 2015 / JustinKays Porter

Welcome to the Lounge

I have so much to show and tell you, faithful followers of a less-than-faithful blogger… Regardless of my serious lack of blogging and posting, I want to show you where the Lounge stands as of today. Don’t get mad at me for skipping all of the in-between steps, but you have to understand: with my recent track record, if you waited for me to show you every project before the Lounge reveal, you would be waiting for years. Instead, I’ll show you a photo tour of our favorite place to hang out. There are a few projects that I think deserve spotlight follow up posts, but I don’t want to tell you which ones for fear of disappointing you if they never come to fruition…

Keep in mind that when we bought the house, this space looked like this:


One year later, it looked like this:


Before & After (Progress) #1


Before & After (Progress) #2


Before & After (Progress) #3

Now, without further ado, it looks like this:

dart corner tv wall window


Yes, I promise you, each of those sets of photos are taken from the same vantage point (roughly). Remember how I said life got in the way of my blogging? Well, this is one of those “life” things. When it comes to choosing between doing a project and writing about a project, I tend to choose doing! Enjoy these photos, and come lounge anytime! If there is something you want to know more about, please ask ☺

And now, for a little more eye candy for this fine Tuesday evening…

2015-01-31 _22

Welcome to the Lounge! More on this door installation here. We’ve done 95% of the work to get this room where it is (we hired out parts of the door installation and the tape and texture of the walls and ceiling); needless to say, it has been a labor of love! We started with the new tile floors, moved on to painting and installing all of the trim, and finally installing cabinets, homemade concrete countertop, and the tile backsplash. Even the light fixture over the pool table is a DIY! Most of the furnishings in the space are hand-me-downs (pool table, small bench, brown chairs), garage sale finds (rolling cart under the dart board, metal-topped table), or salvaged (hellooo rolling furniture cart). We did finally break down and buy the couch and gray chairs new, and they were worth every penny!

2015-01-31 _29

2015-01-31 _30

2015-01-31 _32

2015-01-31 _9

We also turned an older refrigerator into a work of art with a few coats of chalkboard paint.

2015-01-31 _27

How cool is that table?! I can’t get over this garage sale find… excuse me while I drool…

2015-01-31 _2

2015-01-31 _11

2015-01-31 _13

We also created this cork surround for our dart board, and I love how it turned out! After drinking more wine than I care to admit and may hours gluing and nailing corks, it’s pretty cool.

2015-01-31 _26

2015-01-31 _24

We had the pool table re-felted when it was moved from Roseville. We thought we chose a shade of gray for the felt, but apparently it’s more of a blue and matches the paint color of the walls almost identically (and I promise you, this was an accident but I love it!).

2015-01-31 _3

2015-01-31 _6

2015-01-31 _14

A few close-ups of Justin’s latest lighting adventure.

2015-01-31 _25

2015-01-31 _31

So that’s where we are. These photos were taken last weekend. And while we have a few small projects left to work on, we are very happy with how everything turned out. For everyone who helped, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Happy Lounging, xoxo


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  1. michaelstpaulporter / Feb 4 2015 11:18 pm

    Wow! It’s absolutely beautiful! And sooo inviting… That Grand Opening really does sound nice.. But you may have trouble getting us to leave. lol 😉

  2. nancywporter / Feb 4 2015 4:42 pm

    Loved reading your story and looking at your great photos. But mostly love that you have the skills and guts to accomplish such great things. Glad we’ve been able to see the Lounge several times as it progressed – and lounge in it!

  3. Todd Perry / Feb 4 2015 12:38 pm

    I am tired at looking at @#$%^&ing pictures! When is the grand opening????!!!!

    • JustinKays Porter / Feb 11 2015 7:47 pm

      Sorry for the #*&#%(*ing pictures… you know where to find us! Come visit!! We’re shooting for the grand opening in May. A few more things to do 🙂

  4. Chels / Feb 4 2015 9:26 am

    Looks fab! Glad I get to hang out here all the time!

  5. Aunt Cindy / Feb 4 2015 4:19 am

    Wow, what a change! Everything looks AWESOME! You two are quite the DIY ers! Can’t wait to hang out at the lounge!!

  6. Jane Eyler / Feb 4 2015 4:00 am

    You two are absolutely amazing. Loved the chalkboard paint idea on the fridge and the corks behind the dartboard!


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