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June 17, 2013 / JustinKays Porter

The Furniture Shuffle

Ever gotten a new piece of furniture and had to shuffle some pieces around to make everything fit? We haven’t quite gotten to that point in our house yet, but when we get a new piece of furniture it’s exciting to be able to fill a blank wall. Hence, the furniture shuffle begins!

Nancy found us a sweet dresser at a garage sale that definitely needed some love. I don’t know about you, but we aren’t crazy about white and pink anything, much less white and pink furniture. Regardless of the heinous paint job, we could see the potential in this piece and were excited to clean it up.

looking good... kind of...

looking good… kind of…

We used the same materials and strategy we used to paint our first dresser (and dining room chairs), but this time we went with a soft shade of green instead of navy. Enter TSP and our trusty paint sprayer…

who doesn't paint furniture in a bikini?

who doesn’t paint furniture in a bikini?

what a great painting set up

what a great painting set up

Now for the furniture shuffle. We wanted to put this new dresser in our bedroom and replace the two dressers we had smushed together under the mirror. These are perfectly functional dressers, but we weren’t crazy about the look they created when pushed together.



We swapped them out for this newly refurbished dresser and couldn’t be happier with the result. I love the pale green and the dark wood frame of the mirror. The high contrast (and the much needed pop of color) make this room look a lot less hodge podge and a lot more sophisticated.



more after (a little less bare)

more after (a little less bare)

one more!

one more!


last one, I promise :)

last one, I promise 🙂

We were left with two perfectly functional unused dressers after stage one of the furniture shuffle. We decided to fill up an empty wall in the guest room with one dresser. See this bland empty wall? Even though the baseboards and paint look gorgeous, it was definitely lacking something…

incredibly empty wall

incredibly empty wall

In goes the dresser. We also added a frame, so now when you come visit us there is a table top and a mirror for you to use 🙂

much less empty wall!

much less empty wall!

The second dresser is hanging out in the west wing until we figure out a new home for it. Which will happen eventually…

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  1. Nancy Porter / Jun 27 2013 8:52 am

    Teach a girl to use a paint sprayer and she’ll have lovely furniture for life.

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