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March 26, 2013 / JustinKays Porter

Backyard Attack, Part I

There will most definitely be more than one phase of our backyard improvement! And this first phase was really more of an attack or an assault than anything remotely friendly. We had some serious weeds that needed to go (and more where that came from!) and the first of our many shacks came down. Like I said, Part I…

The spring weather lately has inspired us to get down and dirty in the backyard. As you can tell, we started with lots of weeds, some interesting yard art, and a few ramshackle sheds that really needed to go. We haven’t finalized our vision for the backyard yet, but we do know that we would like to have fruit trees and a few raised garden beds along this fence. So, the shed must go!


One shed, hundreds of weeds, and some “yard art”

While I weeded (and used this awesome old school lawn mower, that works like a charm!), Justin went to town on the garden shed.


The answer, in case you were wondering, is yes. I always look this good when doing house/yard work. So prepare yourself if you come visit!


The shed, prior to demolition


During demo. Bye bye roof!


During demo 2: the shed has been toppled!

After a few hours of manual labor, we ended up with this.


No shed, less weeds, and our own yard art!

And we removed our yard art! But our old yard art was soon replaced by new yard art: we found this old high chair and have sweet peas planted near its legs. We are hoping they grown up over the chair and engulf it, but we’ll see if that works!

I’m not entirely sure what fruit trees we inherited (I think apricot and cherry?), but we added a lime tree (thanks Chels and Brand!), a blueberry bush, and a honey crisp apple tree. We were also able to salvage two rose bushes, and I was given a third from a job site (maybe not given… It was in the green waste bin and I asked if I could have it!). So our four fruit trees are separated by three rose bushes.

Raised planters coming soon 🙂

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