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February 27, 2013 / JustinKays Porter

Candlesticks, Picture Frames, and Speakers

We’ve done a handful of small projects to add some character to the front rooms of the house. Nothing too big and crazy, but it’s always the little touches that make it look like we actually live and play here!

The first of these small projects was to hang the Porter sign. After much debate, we settled on hanging it over the fireplace. The black adds a nice pop to that big walls, and it definitely makes a statement in its new home! However, we felt that something was still missing. We had inherited seven brass candlesticks from Grannie, so we thought if we cleaned them up and added bright white candlesticks they might add some much-needed height to our mantle. Apparently a lot of people like the aged, patina look for brass, but we agreed that these definitely needed some love. It’s okay if you liked them better before! Here are some before and after photos of our candlesticks (it’s amazing how clean they got!):



And here’s what our fireplace wall currently looks like:



I should probably mention that our Porter sign was a wedding gift, courtesy of Dan and Brigitte. They also made the wine barrel stave with tea lights (right between all those candlesticks!). Such creative, crafty people 🙂 Our big to-do for this area is to paint over the fleur-de-lis on the plate around the stove. Then we’ll be good to go (for now, at least!).

The next project we have to tell you about is the map of San Francisco in the massive gold frame, over our beautiful revived dresser. Even though we just gussied up our candlesticks to give them more shine, we’re not actually a big fan of the gold frame. I know, shocker, right? So we decided to paint the gold frame a flat black. We pulled our trusty paint sprayer back out and Justin went to work!


We have plans to replace the map of San Francisco, but we’ll tell you more about that later. We have to keep some secrets! So think of this as just a teaser… no photos yet of the newly painted, soon to be newly photo-swapped frame!

Lastly, we have our new speakers. Because there is music on pretty much 24/7 in our house, we (and by we, I mean Justin) decided to invest in some good speakers that look as awesome as they sound. Instead of buying speakers that sit on the floor or on furniture or hang from the ceiling, we went with speakers that are mounted into the wall. There are a grand total of 4 speakers, and they sound glorious. And yes, this process involved cutting holes in the ceiling and the walls. And yes, I was terrified. Justin, not so much. So I left him to cut holes in our living room and I went out into the yard for more weeding!




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