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February 7, 2013 / JustinKays Porter

Before and After: Moving Weekend

Moving weekend was a whirlwind of activity, as usual! We took on quite a few projects other than moving, including:

  • packing up our apartment
  • painting the walls and ceilings of every room in our house
  • cleaning the house (after painting)
  • installing a garbage disposal
  • installing new kitchen lights
  • moving in

I’m sure I’m missing a few things, but that covers the big bases. Needless to say, it was a very busy weekend, and we could not have accomplished everything without help from all four of our parents! We are so lucky to have such great parents; honestly, I think you would be hard-pressed to find a better bunch than Mike, Debbie, Dirk, and Nancy 🙂

So, moving. Moving out is probably one of my least favorite activities, so no pictures of that and we’ll just gloss right over it. Moving in, however, is so excited! It’s like starting over; you can decide exactly how you want your house to be set up. We packed all of our belongings from our apartment into two truckloads and made it to Campbell just before it started raining!




I don’t have very many action photos from the weekend projects, but I do have some before and after photos of the rooms in the house. With freshly painted walls, gorgeous hardwood floors, and our furniture, it’s definitely starting to take shape. I know, there are still a few boxes that need to be unpacked, some more organization needed, and some bare walls in need of art, but we’re getting there.

Living Room copy

It’s funny; the paint color doesn’t really look that different in the photos. But trust me, it looks SO MUCH better in person! The Porter sign (sitting on the floor to the left of the fireplace) will be hung over the fireplace eventually.

Dining Kitchen copy

It’s amazing what new lights, a coat of paint, and some cleaning will do to a room. I love these lights!

Kitchen copy

So much better now. And I’m loving the green paint in the kitchen!

Bedroom 1 copy

Bedroom #1 has become our office, with his and hers desks.

Bedroom 2 copy

Bedroom #2 has become our bedroom.

Bedroom 3 copy

Bedroom #3 has become our guest room / staging room while we continue to unpack and move in. Come visit us!

Welcome to our home!

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