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January 10, 2013 / JustinKays Porter

La Salamandra

I have yet to dedicate a blog post solely to food. Well, that's all about to change! Our host in Bariloche told us about La Salamadra, a small restaurant less than a kilometer from our apartment. On our last night in Bariloche, we went for it. And it was the BEST meal we have had in Argentina, hands down. We went right when they opened (the tourist time slot for dinner, 8 pm), and another group of English-speaking people yelled to us from the parking lot that it was closed. I was heartbroken!

As we turned around, they all started laughing and told us it was a joke. So we went in and were told we could eat as long as we were out by 10. Sounded easy enough… We didn't event look at the menu. Renada, one of the owners, told us what she would order and we said “we'll have that”. With our glasses full of the house “jug” wine, we enjoyed empanadas carne, fresh mushroom bruschetta, and the most perfectly cooked ojo de bife (ribeye steak). The food was superb, the atmosphere cozy, the company jovial, and the hosts phenomenal. I can't say enough good things about La Salamadra!

We talked with the other English-speakers in the restaurant, and learned some good insights about Argentine culture and politics. Alec, Norie, and friends (whose names I can't remember… So sorry if you ever read this!) discovered that we were on our honeymoon and promptly ordered us a bottle of champagne. It was very kind of them and very, very delicious! Alec, Noried, and Renada all gave us a long list of bodegas and restaurants to try in Mendoza and Buenos Aires. We can't wait to visit some of them!

La Salamandra and the people we met during this fabulous dinner will never be forgotten. We enjoyed our food, company, and beverages so much that we struggled to make it out by 10, before the next group came in! Sadly, we were so enthralled with our culinary experience that we didnt take any pictures… But there are plenty on google if you are curious 🙂

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