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October 23, 2019 / JustinKays Porter

Two Injections and Fall is Here!

Before I give you any updates, I have to say THANK YOU. Justin and I are so grateful for your generosity… If you know me, you know I am not usually at a loss for words. But I am quite literally speechless when I think of all the things you have done for us. The gifts, the love, the kind words, the support, the happy thoughts, the recommendations, it has all been received and so so so appreciated. I really can’t say anything other than thank you, even though it feels nowhere near enough. And please know that if I haven’t responded to your call/text/message, I will with time. I’m overwhelmed, but I’ll get there.

We are getting settled and our house is feeling more and more like a home everyday. We get so many Amazon deliveries that we are on a first name basis with our delivery people (again, thank you!!!). Pictures to come as soon as we figure out what to do with the mountains of cardboard that accumulate faster than yellow and red leaves on the sidewalk. It is definitely feeling like fall in Chicago; and by fall I mean what I would normally consider winter weather in California. This California girl is in for a ride awakening in the coming months!

Millie had her first treatment last Monday and her second treatment just a few days ago. The actual injection is pretty brutal, but it only lasts a minute and she recovers surprisingly quickly. As soon as the injection is finished, she is talking to the doctors and telling them (with a smile) to leave. “Byyyye!” This little girl is my hero and I am so impressed with how she continues to handle all of this. We think Millie has been more smiley and interactive than usual, but it’s hard to know if we are just reading into things. Back at home, she has been pretty afraid/unwilling to go play at the park for the last few months, and every day for the last ten days that we’ve walked by a play area she yells “play” and wants to get out

Ma has been here for a week helping out and visiting. While we haven’t been able to do too much fun stuff (2 kids, no car, and questionable weather put a damper on things!), Millie and Nate (and Justin and I!) have loved having her here. Justin was able to head west for some work events, and Ma and I survived just fine with the kiddos. Just today Nate has discovered that he can roll over multiple times in a row and actually move across the room. Which he loves and has me more than a little nervous about what else he will doscover, and how quickly he will discover it.

We are all doing well. Keep sending those positive vibes our way, we feel them every day ❤️

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